Algoriam can be your secret weapon to drive change and innovation.

The continuous effort in research and development has led to a platform declined on various solutions that contain the best functionalities needed. We use cutting edge machine learning and artificial intelligence to rapidly and repeatedly deliver you insights and advantages from your data. Our vision is to find increasingly advanced and performing solutions and architecture to generate “intelligence” from business processes by building innovative results.

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Our story

Algoriam is an innovative company that produces digital technologies to support the management of strategic assets for small and large organizations and companies. They integrate modern technologies from the Artificial Intelligence sector and research methodologies to assist companies in evolving their digitalization and adopting automation tools. Their proprietary AI-based technology promotes the growth, robustness, and proper management of a company's strategic assets.

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  • Know first.
    Resolve instantly.

  • Real time, actionable insights
    you need to know about right now

  • Completely learning, monitoring
    and correlations of your data

  • Easy integration to any data
    source in your stack

  • Fastest time to value – up
    and running in days, not months

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Algoriam will generate creative solutions that combine industry best practices with innovative ideas with backgrounds in diverse fields such as operations research, social and life sciences, physics, math, and engineering. The Algoriam platform is composed by different modules, fully adaptable for each customer's needs.ab2

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